Grp 12dB SVF (USED)

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Used - Great Condition

The GRP 12dB State-Variable Filter is an extremely versatile filter design that will fit right into your eurorack modular system. Thanks to it's state-variable design and adjustable resonance and distortion, the 12dB SVF is capable of being a mean bass machine with its two-pole lowpass. Alternatively, using the one-pole bandpass or two-pole highpass you can craft scintillating pads or squelching lead lines. The GRP 12dB SVF is an excellent addition to any eurorack modular system!


State Variable Filter with:
12db HP: Two pole high pass filtering.
 6db BP: One pole band pass filtering
12db LP: Two pole low pass filtering
NOTCH:  One pole band reject filtering
Resonance and Distortion fully adjustable
Two Audio Input (one full level)
Three CV Inputs (one attenuated)


Panel Width 10 HP
+12V =  40mA
-12V  = 22mA
+5V = 0mA

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