Intellijel Designs Springray II

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Spring Reverb

There are many excellent digital reverbs available these days but there is still nothing quite like the timeless and magical character of a true spring reverb.

At Intellijel we have a huge love for true analog devices and it has always been important for us to explore as many of these fundamental analog building blocks of synthesis as possible.

In the development of this module we were blown away by how much there is to explore. Each tank has a totally different set of characteristics, and there were many unexpected surprises when feeding it a wide variety of sound sources. One of the most interesting results was how a slow attack saw waveform from a Dixie almost sounds like a realistic cello!

Version two of the Springray provides a number of changes and improvements to the original design. The shelving EQs have been replaced with a parametric EQ with frequency, Q, and gain controls. The CV inputs for feedback and mix balance have been replaced with inputs to control the filter frequency and gain. Lastly, the feedback and limiter circuits have been redesigned, and the drive quality has been improved.


Parametric EQ with controls for frequency, Q, and gain.
Feedback path with virtual tube circuitry.
Redesigned limiter circuit in feedback path to prevent high gain feedback from clipping the output.
Selector switch to choose between three different connected tanks (one on the front and two on the back).
Improved drive input with large gain (can overdrive the tank inputs).
External processors can be inserted into the feedback path via the SEND/RETURN normalled inputs.
Three different sizes of Accutronic tanks are available.

  • 44 mA +12V
  • 34 mA -12V
  • 0 mA 5V
  • 38 mm deep
  • 10 hp

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