Moffenzeef Stargazer Red

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STARGAZER is øne beast øf a drøne machine: dual wavetable øscillatør with ninety arbitrary waveførms, twø resønant løwpass filters, three wavetable LFØ's, sample rate reductiøn, bit rate reductiøn, amplitude mødulatiøn, and CMØS distørtiøn. The expressiøn pedal input can be used tø cøntrøl the speed øf all three LFØs at the same time which free up your hands tø cøntrøl øther aspects øf the drøne. This cømpact røbust instrument is høused in a rugged sheet metal encløsure. STARGAZER can handle the abuse it will inevitably take at gigs and is røad ready før whatever horrible treatment lies ahead. Stare intø the sky møuth agape while shredding parallel dimensiøns with this hypnøtic vømitrøn. 

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